Feminist Dialogues  

Women Writing4: Remembering
Winter 2012/Spring 2013
Volume 30, Number 1

Guest edited by: Susan Braedley, Jacinthe Michaud and Leah F. Vosko


Table of Contents

Editorial/Éditorial by Fran Beer, Brenda Cranney and Andrea Medovarski 3

Our Elders, Our Foremothers, Our Grandmothers
Going, Going, Gone by Marcia Walker 6
These Women by Renee Norman 9
Mary-Violet Beaulieu by Christina Foisy 10
The Extraordinary Life of a Daughter of the Revolution by Lily Pourzand 11
Dreaming Grandchildren by Renee Norman 14
My Grandmother Only by Marlene Kadar 15
My Grandmother Is Normal by Gianna Patriarca 16
In Another Time by Joanna M. Weston 18
Memoires de femmes par Micheline Mercier 19
Mother Teresa by Janna Payne 20
Letter for Emily D. by Carol Lipszyc 20
Rainy Season by Rachel O’Donnell 21
Portraits of Queer Artists by Sarah Hunter 24
Revival by Andrea Thompson 25
Maria Grazia and Naples by Gianna Patriarca 27
Fly Away Home by Linda J. Kmet 28
The Art of Friends by Patricia Keeney 32
Une mémoire à ta mesue et à ta démesure par Élaine Audet 34
From Shy Feminist to World Citizen by Özlem Ezer 35
Composing: The Work of Geraldine Moodie by Rebecca Luce-Kaplar 39
Wash up as far as by Sheila Stewart 42
Vengeance infâme par Eva Circé-Côté 43
I. (slime and other discrepancies) by Ela Przybylo 44
II. (to know death, impossible) by Ela Przybylo 44

Our Mothers, Our Daughters
Mother by Ari Belathar 46
Killing Me Softly by Adwoa Ntozake Onuora 48
This Is What It All Comes To by Renee Norman 50
Green Onions by Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin 51
Uttermost by Susan McCaslin 53
The Choice of Listening by Linda Martin 54
Disorder by Gianna Patriarca 54
Wanting Out by Jenny Morrow 55
Demeter’s Epic Smile by Susan McCaslin 60
Spill of Trees by Renee Norman 60
The Mother on the Shore by Maura Hanrahan 61
The Queen of Peter Street by Eleanor Albanese 63
Like Mother by Jocelyn William 65
my mother would put ribbons by A. Mary Murphy 65
Enna by Susan McCaslin 65
Because by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes 66
A Fugue on the World by Sheila Stewart 67
Silhouette on the Snow by June Stevenson 67
Variations by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes 68
Mind over Matter by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes 68

Our Lives as Women: Strength, Love, Loss
Cyclone by Esther Vincent 70
Silence by Lisa de Nikolits 73
It was really nothing by Marion Mutala 73
Irises in Fire by Ilona Martonfi 74
So We Try Again by Laura McLauchlan 74
The Real Nanny Diaries by Alexa Bernabo 75
The way light falls by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes 76
Crater of Her Absence by Carol Damioli 77
Untitled by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back 77
Big Woman Blues by Gianna Patriarca 78
This Yearning by Tara Kainer 78
A Speck of Dust by Mary Kay Ross 79
Washing Up by Joanna M. Weston 82
I am a truck driver’s underarm by Christina Foisy 82
Entrapped by Barbara D. Janusz 83
The Love Song of Dora Maar by Eva Tihanyi 87
11 Years Later by Jennie Donovan 89
Devils and Saints by Diane Driedger 92
Clinic A, Exam Room 7 by Katerina Fretwell 92
Dear Doctor by Karen Fejer 93
Cyborg by Diane Driedger 95
In Memory of Farideh de Bosset by Diane Driedger 96
Sufi Evening by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff 98
Stir by Carole Glasser Langille 102
I don’t want to be an old crazy person by A. Mary Murphy 102
La Lâcheté en pendentif par Lélia Young 103
Out of Iran Patricia Keeney 104

When We Were Girls
It Happened on Good Friday by Janet Tyrell 108
Last Summer of Childhood by Renee Norman 111
I Have a Dream by Diane Driedger 112
Reduction by Madeline Sonik 112
Wild Plunge by Linda Martin 112
Digging in the Dirt by Michelle Hartai 113
Do You Remember? by Claudia Costa 116
Inheritance by Elizabeth Greene 117
Stained Door by Madeline Sonik 117
In the Basin of Fundy, 1948 by Gail Taylor 118
Scrabble Poetry by Renee Norman 122
Chestnut Hill Farm by Frances Beer 123
Then by Jocelyn Williams 127
Bad news by Madeline Sonik 127
Grass by Carrianne K. Y. Leung 129
The Singers on Grodzka Street by Carol Lipszyc 132
Late Bloomer by Tara Kainer 136
The Wallflower by Joan Baril 137
words keep bursting out of books by A. Mary Murphy 140
Soundings by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes 141

Book Reviews
Pas d’ici, pas d’ailleurs: Anthologie poétiques francophone de voix féminines contemporaines
reviewed by Lélia Young
The Goose Girl,The Rabbi and the New York Teachers: A Family Memoir reviewed by Marjorie Roemer 145
The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery: The P.E.I. Years, 1889-1900 reviewed by C. Van Daalen-Smith 146
The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen, Second Edition reviewed by Marilyn J. Batey 147
Finding a Way to the Heart: Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada
reviewed by Jennifer Hayter
Through Feminist Eyes: Essays on Canadian Women’s History reviewed by Marlene Mendonça 149
Mr. Fox reviewed by Kathryn Travis
The Mere Future reviewed by Robert Teixeira 151
A Large Harmonium reviewed by Oana Secrieru 152
The New African Diaspora in Vancouver: Migration, Exclusion and Belonging reviewed by Sanja Ivanov 153
Borrowed Tongues: Life Writing, Migration and Translation reviewed by Paola Bohórquez 154
Breadwinning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City, 1929-1939
reviewed by Nina Kaye
Women, Communism and Industrialization in Postwar Poland reviewed by Weronika Rogula 157
All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day reviewed by Daniel Lagacé-Roy 158

Front Cover Artwork

Cheryl Braganza, “Carte Blanche,” 2012, acrylic, 16 x 20".

Back Cover Artwork
Cheryl Braganza, “Seeds,” 2010, mixed medium, 16 x 20".

Artist statement: "My wish is that my art engages people, challenges their assumptions about women, provokes critical thought with respect to diversity and stir their humanity—all with the eventual goal of promoting harmony and peace."
Cheryl Braganza, artist, writer, cancer-survivor, was born in India, studied in Italy and the United Kingdom, lived in Montreal since 1966 and has painted for the past 45 years. Chosen Montreal Woman of the Year in 2008 by the Montreal Council of Women, her acrylic paintings with vibrant colours and imagery echo peace, hope and infinite renewal. She collaborates closely with organizations that focus on human rights. Convenor for Culture and Heritage for the National Council of Women of Canada, she was recently appointed President of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal.Visit her website at: www.cherylbraganza.com. Email: cheryl@cherylbraganza.com.