Women and Girls in Sport
and Physical Activity
Fall 1995
Volume 15, Number 4



Out of the Blocks

What's Sport Got To Do With It?
by Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

A Parent's Wish For Her Daughters
by Marg McGregor

The Golden Age of Women and Sport in Canada
by David McDonald

The Life and Times of CAAWS
by Sheila Robertson

Where are the Role Models? Exploring the Invisibility of Female Athletes in the Media
by Katherine Snow

An Open Letter to Debbie Brill
by Angela Hryniuk

Danger: Children at Risk
by Candace Brown

Sport, Leisure, and the Adolescent Girl: Single Sex vs. Co-Ed?
by Aniko Varpalotai

Playing with the Boys: Manon Rheaume, Women's Hockey, and the Struggle for Legitimacy
by Nancy Theberge

Risk Recreation, Gender, Technology, and Empowerment: Reflections of Life on the Rocks
by Ellen Balka

Parole aux jeunes francophones: La problématique de l'équité en éducation physique
par Hélène Daillaire et Geneviève Rail


Women, Disability, and Sport: Unheard Voices
by Lisa M. Olenik, Joan M. Matthews, and Robert D. Steadward

Not in My Backyard: Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport
by Sandra Kircy

The Sexual Politics of Women in Sport: A Survey of Lesbophobia
by Sylvia Klasovec

Lesbians and Locker Rooms: Challenging Lesbophobia
by Caroline Fusco

Invisible But Not Absent: Aboriginal Women in Sport and Recreation
by Victoria Paraschak

Anticipated Exertion or Exercise Activities Among Women Over 70
by Sandy O'Brien Cousins

Women's Hockey: Heating Up the Equity Debate
by Megan Williams

Breakdown and Recovery

A Shifting Gaze: Changing Photographic Representation of Women Athletes
by Allyson Bowman and Dayna Daniels

Reflections on a Tour to South Africa
by Sandra Levy

Female Athlete Triad
by Sherri L. Swasnicki and Allan D. Martin

Jumping Through Hoops
by Denise Kelly

From Couch Potato to Exercise Enthusiast
by Bobbie Blackwood-Rushe

Reflecting on a Life Through Sport
by Jennifer Fenton

In Dialogue with the Body
by Paula Thomson

Beyond the Finish

The Mermaids Are Out There So Why Aren't We? Women and Sailing
by Marilyn Porter

The National Coaching School for Women: A Little History and A Bright Future
by Jennifer Brenning and Kathy McDonald

Developing Public Policy for Women in Sport: A Discourse Analysis
by Kristin Bell-Altenstad and Sue Vail

"On the Move"
by Jennifer Fenton

Action List
a list of women's sport organizations

One Future for Sport: Moving Toward an Ethic of Care
by Mary Duquin