Women in Conflict Zones
Winter 2000
Volume 19, Number 4


by Vanessa Farr, Ariane Brunet, Alison Crosby, Malathi de Alwis, Wenona Giles, Maja Korac, Zarana Papic, Goli Rezai-Rashti, Neluka Silva, Barbara Treviranus 3

Challenging the Narratives

Women in Black: Being Able to Say Neither/Nor
by Cynthia Cockburn 7

Nationalist Narratives and (Dis)Appearing Women: State Sanctioned Sexual Violence
by Anna M. Agathangelou 12

Punishment Goes Global: International Criminal Law, Conflict Zones, and Gender (In)equality
by Mark Drumbl 22

Victimization by War Rape: The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
by Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic 28

The Enemy Within: Female Soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces
by Marcia Kovitz 36

Report from Okinawa: Long-term U.S. Military Presence and Violence Against Women
by Suzuyo Takazato 42

Gender and Geography at Work: The Perils of Perfect Pluralism at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
by Jennifer Hyndman 48

Current Conflict Narratives

Bombs Away! Feminists Theorize nato Bombing in Kosovo
by Anne McGrath 54

Legislating Women's Lives: Women and the Partition in India
by Rajwant Mangat 61

Woman as Mother in Headscarf: The Woman War Refugee and the North American Media
by Margaret D. Stetz 66

Contextualizing Violence Against Women: Forced Evictions inSituations of Armed Conflict

by Leilani Farha 71

Women Across Borders in Kashmir: The Continuum of Violence
by Asha Hans 77

Vengeance and Violence: Kurdish Women Recount the War
by Shahrzad Mojab 89

Women and Local Learning: Reflections from Formative Faultlines in the North of Ireland
by Eilish Rooney 95

Post-Conflict and Reconstruction Narratives

The Pain of Violence is a Powerful Silencer: African Women Writing About Conflict
by Vanessa Farr 102

Travel and Displacement: An (Ex)Refugee and (Ex)Immigrant Woman's Tale-Tell
by Anh Hua 110

Refuge and Return: The Challenges of Transition for Guatemalan Women's Organizations
by Erin K. Baines 115

Vietnamese Warriors, Vietnamese Mothers: States Imperatives in the Portrayal of Women
by Alexander Soucy 121

They Stayed Behind: Voices of Croatian Women in the Karlovac Area during the Serbian Occupation 1991-1995
by Mary Valentich 127

Enough is Enough: Voices of Somali Women for Peace, Reconciliation and Political Rights
by Anne Adelson, Amina Sharif Hassan and Safia Jowhar 132

The Naga Women's Interventions for Peace
by Paula Banerjee 137

Once Upon a War Time
by Helen Bajorek MacDonald 143


The Woman Who Wanted To Show Not the Evils of the Holocaust, the Striped Suits, Shaved Heads, Skeletal Faces by Lyn Lifshin 11
by Lyn Lifshin 21
by Jacob Kadar Penner 27
by Zakiah Aliya Kassam 41
Survivors at the Kovno Exhibit
by Lyn Lifshin 60
by Mangaika De Silva 65
April Showers
by Zakiah Aliya Kassam 94
Students at Risk
by Njoki N. Wane 109
Witches in the Narrows
by Heather Duff 114
by Elisavietta Ritchie 136
Road-Building Instructions 147

Book Reviews

The Woman and War Reader
reviewed by Anne McGrath 148

Women Divided: Gender, Religion, and Politics in Northern Ireland
reviewed by Anne McGrath 149

Women, Ethnicity and Nationalism: The Politics of Transition
reviewed by Shahrzad Mojab 151

School for Rape: The Burmese Military and Sexual Violence and Rape: A Crime of War
reviewed by Pam McDermid 152

Gender Transformations
reviewed by Patricia Baker 152

Letters of Intent: Women Cross the Generations to Talk About Family, Work, Sex, Love and the Future of Feminism
reviewed by Candis Steenbergen 153

Your Madness, Not Mine: Stories of Cameroon
reviewed by Christine Singh 154

Victorian Women Writers and the Woman Question
reviewed by Leslie Ambedian 155

Chapters in a Lucky Life
reviewed by Naomi Black 156

Pauline Jewett: A Passion for Canada
reviewed by Clara Thomas 157

Introducing Race and Gender into Economics
reviewed by Leigh S. Brownhill 159