Celebrating Doris Anderson
Summer/Fall 2007
Volume 26 Number 2

Table of Contents

Sally Armstrong, Sherrill Cheda, Michele Landsberg and Shelagh Wilkinson 3

Out of the West
“Write It For the Women” Doris Anderson, the Changemaker by Mary Eberts 6
The Chatelaine Legacy by Valerie J. Korinek 14
Doris and Me by Erna Paris 22
An Osmotic Transfer by Marjorie Harris 25
The Look of Change by Evelyn Stoynoff 27
Doris and Joan: The Martini Years by Michele Landsberg 28
This Just In – Happy Valley, Labrador by Marilyn Churley 30

Travels With Ma by Steve Anderson 32
Fictionalize This by Anna Porter 35
Femmage par Mair Verthuy 39
Which Way to Ottawa? by Carolyn Bennett 42

On the Hill
A National Presence by Julyan Reid with Linda Markowsky 56
Face-Off: Doris Anderson at the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women by Penney Kome 61 “Popesse” by Linda Palmer Nye 69
High Noon at the Cow Café by Shelagh Wilkinson 72
“Constitute!” by Linda Palmer Nye 74 Oakville On Board by Bev Lefrancois 75
Meanwhile in Ottawa by Pat Hacker 77
“Farewell to Patriarchy” by Linda Palmer Nye 79
“Faith in First Ministers” by Linda Palmer Nye 79
The Fight for the Charter by Marilou McPhedran 80
Unencumbered by Delusions by Nicole Morgan 85 A View From Then and Now by Wendy Lawrence 87
Doris Anderson’s Columns in the Toronto Star by Judy Steed 91
“Do It Like Doris!” by Linda Palmer Nye 94

Home and Away
My Hero by Leigh Naturkach 97 Looking After Women: The Doris Anderson Scholarships by Meg Luxton 99
For Doris, A Song by Honey Novick 100
Icon in the Galapagos by Kay Sigurjonsson 101
Gallivanting by Greyhound by Virginia Rock 103
The Last Obsession by Rosemary Speirs 109
Louisa Moya, Doris Anderson Memorial, May 12, 2007 by Louise Moya 113
Rebel Daughter by Katherine Govier 114
Norma and Doris, Gal Pals by Michele Landsberg 117
Laurell Ritchie, Doris Anderson Memorial, May 12, 2007 by Laurell Ritchie 119 Music in Her Life by Wendy Lawrence 121 “Song For Doris,” Doris Anderson Memorial, May 12, 2007 by Mary Lou Fallis 123 The Celebration of Her Life by Wendy Robbins 126
The End of the Beginning by Sally Armstrong 129
Doris Poem by Sylvia Spring 130
Farewell, Doris by Michele Landsberg 131
Mitchell Anderson, Doris Anderson Memorial, May 12, 2007 by Mitchell Anderson 135