Women and Education
Winter 1998
Volume 17, Number 4




The Abandonment of the Pursuit of Equity and the Implications for Education
by Patricia McAdie

"If We Can't Get Equal, We'll Get Even": A Transformative Model of Gender Equity
by June Larkin and Pat Staton

Negotiating Power in the Classroom: The Example of Group Work
by Linda Briskin

Becoming a Leader: Strategies for Women in Educational Administration
by Barbara A. Gill

Power and Struggle in Educational Research: Interrogating the "Unity" in "Community"
by Janice Hladki


Letter to Denise, A First-Year Teacher
by E. Lisbeth Donaldson

Gender Issues in Collaborative Learning
by Revathi Chennabathni and Gillian Rejskind

Culture, Gender, Power: "Revisioning" Northern Education
by Shari Buchan and Ingrid Johnson

Embodied Learning about Health and Healing: Involving the Body as Content and Pedagogy
by Diana L. Gustafson

The Cold War and the Sexual Chill: Freezing Girls Out of Sexual Education
by Christabelle Sethna

Literacy Learning for Survivors of Trauma: Acting "Normal"
by Jenny Horsman

Struck Dumb
by Mary Nyquist

Resistance is Futile, Or is It? Gender Lessons from a Micro Cybercommunity
by Robert A. Pritchard


Equity in the Women's Studies Classroom: The Politics of Voicing Difference
by Jacqueline Reid-Walsh and Elaine Correa

The Travails of Using an Anti-Racism and Feminism Approach When Teaching a Course on Women and Islam
by Goli M. Rezai Rashti

Identity Puzzles: Talking Sex in Education
by Margot Francis

Gender and Technology: Looking to the Past
by Denise M. Shortt

Women Writing, Women Teaching: Speculating on Domestic Space
by Barbara McLean

The Work of South African-Canadian Educator Goodie Tshabalala Mogadime
by Dolana Mogadime

Educators for Gender Equity: Organizing for Change
by Rebecca Priegert Coulter

Men's Resistance to Women's Education: The Personal is Political
by Norma Husk

Water Notes: On Women and Science
by Meg Walker

Eighteen Tips: A Guide for Including Everyone in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
by Susan Wismer

Grrrl Talk
by Janice Turner


Shopping for Training
by Karen Lior and Susan Wismer

Gender and Education in an Agricultural Community
by Aniko Varpalotai

Interference: An Interview with Artist and Educator, Wilma Needham
by Lynne Bell and Carol Williams

Adorable filles d'aujourd'hui
par Stéphanie Dansereau et Jeanne Maranda

Employment and Training Services for Women in Metro Toronto
by Karen Lior and Ann Zelechow

Survey of Trends in Adult Education 1985-1995, and Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century
by Jennifer Stephen and Gaetan Beaude