Women of Ireland/Mná na hÉireann
Summer/Fall 1997
Volume 17, Number 3



Foreword by Mary Robinson


A Womb Not a Tomb: Goddess Symbols and Ancient Ireland
by Geraldine Moane

The Fathers as Gatekeepers: Ancient Irish Laws and the Divorce Referdum of 1995
by Frances Devlin-Glass

The Origins of Domestic Violence in Ireland: An Historical Perspective
by Erin K. Lambert

Reclaiming the Sheela-na-gigs: Goddess Imagery in Medieval Sculptures in Ireland
by Ann Pearson

Landscape, Space, and Gender: Their Role in the Construction of Female Identity in Newly-Independent Ireland
by Sighle Bhreathnach-Lynch

Concepts of Nation in Irish Feminist Thought
by Dana Hearne

Black Baby Take Us Back: Dreaming the Postcolonial Mother
by Christine St. Peter


Two Stories and a Plea
by Eilish Rooney

Notes on Gender and the Politics of the Irish Lanaguge in Northern Ireland
by Camille O'Reilly

Women and Work in West Belfast
by Madeleine Leonard

Women Imprisoned as a Result of the Struggle
by Philomena Gallagher

Abortion on the Island of Ireland: Crisis, Contradiction, and Colonization
by Michelle Brewer

A Women's Party Outwits the System in Northern Ireland
by Nell McCafferty

Daughters of the North: The Local Women of Belfast
by Marcia Rock

"Hush a Bye Baby"
by G. S. White


Dodging Around the Grand Piano: Sex, Politics, and Contemporary Irish Women's Poetry
by Ailbhe Smyth

Syncretics and Spirituality: Irish Art Practice and the Art of the Possible
by Suzanne O Shea

Recovering Treasures in Celtic Spirituality: The Crone as Anam-Cara or Soul-Friend
by Brigid Murphy

On Saint Brigit and Pagan Goddesses in the Kingdom of God
by Sherry Rowley

Na Seacht Scrínte: Macallaí i nGlenn an Diabhail (The Seven Shrines: Echoes in the Devil's Glen)
by Kat O'Brien


Remembering Grosse Île and the Summer of Sorrows
by Marianna O'Gallagher

Once Upon a Time in a Rural Irish Community
by Marion M. Lynn

An Irish Mother's Legacy
by Patricia LeSage Cockburn

Working in Canada: An Irish Perspective
by Fiona MacCool

Perspectives of an Irish Woman in Canada
by Margo Hearne

Preserving Irish Culture Through Art
by Catherine Crowe

The Irish Female Presence in Jane Urquhart's Fiction
by Libby Birch

My Beautiful Unpleasant: Thoughts on My Heritage
by Lorraine Nolan

What Did You Do in the War, Mother?
by Angela Mairead Coid

Deoch an Dorais (One for the Road):
An Epilogue by Eimear O'Neill