Jewish Women in Canada
Fall 1996
Volume 16, Number 4



Speaking: Our/Selves

Lady Baltimore Cake
by Cherie Smith

clustering markers: (re)configuring a self
by Sharon Rosenberg

Shaking the Family Tree: A Personal Exploration of Anti-Semitism in Newfoundland
by Robin McGrath

Introduction to the New Edition of Raisins and Almonds
by Fredelle Bruser Maynard

Growing Up Jewish in Hanover, Ontario
by Malcah Sufrin

par Sarah Arditti Ascher et Gilberte Cohen Scali

A Whole Story: The Life of Esther-Chave Gutfeld Enushevsky
by L. S. Weintraub

Shechinah: Female Spirit

Zakhor: Memory, Ritual, and Gender
by Norma Baumel Joseph

The Gift of Tallit
by Dianne Saxe

Breaking the Rules Legally: Reading the Scroll of Esther as a Feminist Act
by Reena Zeidman

The Fast of Esther 1996
by Rebecca Saxe

Celebrating and Maintaining a Jewish Identity
by Susanna Eve

Bat-Mitzvah at Forty-Five
by Phyllis Berck

Jewish Feminism and "New" Jewish Rituals
by Rabbi Elyse M. Goldstein

Shifshvester: Sister Voyager

Introducing Jewish Feminist Thought in a Women's Studies Classroom
by Deborah Yaffe

A Letter from Quebec
by Sarah Fowlie (Fleischmann)

Seeds of Doubt: Constructing a Sephardi Identity
by Sandra Haar

Determination/Despair: Agunot Speak About Their Chains
by Lisa Rosenberg

On-the-Job Lessons About Being Jewish
by Claire Helman

MJF - Lonely in Toronto
by Michele Landsberg

Entrevue avec Léa Roback: Une femme engagée dans de justes causes, une mémoire contemporaine
par Ghila Bénesty-Sroka

Behind the Rhetoric of "My Yiddishe Mama": The Status of Older Jewish Women
by Sheva Medjuck

Recalling: Past Lives

Les femmes sépharades et leur intégration à Toronto
par Sarah Taieb-Carlen

Multiple Loyalties: A Great-Granddaughter's Reflection on the Life of Ida Lewish Siegel
by Rabbi Gail Labovitz

"Her Voice is Full of Wisdom": Jewish-Saskatchewan Women in a Small Urban Setting 1930-1966
by Anna Feldman

Taking Our Place: The Changing Role of Jewish Women in a Small Northern Ontario Community
by Bryna Coppel-Park and Carol M. Line

Yudica: Poet of Spadina's Sweatshops
by Adam Fuerstenberg

A Bosnian Sephardic Woman in Kahnewake, Quebec
by Judith Cohen

For the Sake of Her Children...
by April Shour Laufer

Mrs. Maza's Salon
by Miriam Waddington