Women and Justice
Spring/Summer 1999
Volume 19, Numbers 1 and 2



by the Guest Editorial Board: by Brenda Cranney, Christine Dearing, Darlene Jamieson, Patricia McDermott, Patricia Monture-Angus, Kim Pate, Ashley Turner, Lucya Spencer

Women and Justice: A Feminist Approach

Equality Without Democratic Values? Why Feminists Oppose the Criminal Procedure Reforms
by Elizabeth A. Sheehy

Women and Risk: Aboriginal Women, Colonialism, and Correctional Practice
by Patricia Monture-Angus

The Changing Face of Equality: The Indirect Effects of Section 15 of the Charter
by the Honourable Madame Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dubé

Sexisme et justice
par Agathe Lafortune

Young Women and Violent Offences: Myths and Realities
by Kim Pate

Same-Sex Rights for Lesbian Mothers: Child Custody and Adoption
by Jennifer Schulenberg

Gender Equality and the Law: From the "Famous Five" to the New Millennium
by Michelle Falardeau-Ramsay, Q.C.

Violence Against Women: Moving Forward?

La défense de provocation: Quelques notes
par Andrée C™té

Legal Responses to Violence Against Women in Canada
by Elizabeth A. Sheehy

Rape Laws and Rape Processing: The Contradictory Nature of Corroboration
by Deborah Parnis and Janice Du Mont

Une femme battue de Québec est acquittée de meurtre par la Cour d'appel
par Nathalie Duhamel

Dignifying Equality: The Challenge of Reform in Sexual Assault Proceedings
by Margaret Denike

L'accès des femmes au système judiciare: Les poursuites civile pour violence sexuelle et conjugale au Québec
par Louise Langevin

Vicarious Liability for Sexual Assault
by Freya Kristjanson

Judging Women: The Pernicious Effects of Rape Mythology
by Janice Du Mont and Deborah Parnis

Criminalized Women: Naming Oppression
Beyond Grace: Criminal Lunatic Women in Victorian Canada

by Kathleen Kendall

A Suitable Place: Positive Change for Federally Sentence Aboriginal Women in Canada
by Lori Sparling

The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Coercive State Intervention in Pregnancy
by Diana Ginn

Ontario's Regressive Approach to Prisons: The Negative Impact of Superjails on Women and Their Children
by Rana Haq

The Paradox of Pregnancy in Prison: Resistance, Control, and the Body
by Lisa M. Finateri

CSC and the 2 Per Cent Solution: The P4W Inquiry
by Kim Pate

Une radioscopie des événements survenus à la Prison des femmes: la construction d'un corps dangereux et d'un corps en danger
par Sylvie Frigon

La Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec à Joliette: Rapport d'activités
par Chantal Demers

Beyond Prostitution: Justice, Feminism, and Social Change
by Alan D. Brown

Women's Access to Justice: Fighting to be Heard
The Discourse of Inequality: Fighting to be Heard

by Anne Derrick

A Complex Web: Access to Justice for Abused Immigrant Women in New Brunswick
by Baukje Miedema and Sandra Wachholz

The Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access: A Threat to Women's Equality Rights
by Bonnie Diamond

Pay Equity Legislation in Canada: A Study of the Public Service Alliance of Canada Case
by Kim Hertwig

Les travailleuses et leur santé: Aspects juridiques et politiques
par Katherine Lippel

La pension alimentaire au Québec
par Ginette Quintal

Out of Sync: Reflections on the Culture of Diversity in Private Practice
by Camille A. Nelson

Differences for Our Daughters: Racialized Sexism in Art, Mass Media, and Law
by Denise McConney