Lesbians and Politics
Spring 1996
Volume 16, Number 2



(In)visibility and Identity

Confessions of a Whip-Cracking Dominatrix
by Candis Graham

Mainstreaming Martina: Lesbian Visibility in the '90s
by Leila Armstrong

Queer & Young & So Much Else
by Anna-Louise Crago

Uncontrollably and Incorrigibly Yours
by Tonia Bryan

Butch, Femme, and the Woman-Identified Woman: Ménage-à-trois of the '90s
by Connie Carter and Jean Noble

Can Queer Theory Radicalize "The Mother's" Body?
by Susan Driver

Speaking About Language: An Interview with Chrystos
by E. Centime Zeleke

On Seeing and Being Seen
"For This Girl Was My Grand Passion...": Re-interpreting the First Large Scale Survey of Women's Sexuality in America (1929)

by Margot Francis

Urban Desire(s)
a photoessay by Janice Andreae

What Kind of Lesbians Are We Now? or, Sometimes We Feel Like We're Wearing Flannel Shirts with Our Come-Fuck-Me-Pumps
by Caitlin Fisher and Catharine Jones

Hierarchies of Otherness: The Politics of Lesbian Styles in the 199s, or, What to Wear?
by Lisa Pottie

Transformations: Writing On/the Lesbian Body
by Amy Cowen

Drag Kings: Chicks with Dicks
by R. Best

Queerying Community
Lesbian Parenting: Grounding Our Theory

by Rachel Epstein

Words Work: Shaping Ontario's Same-Sex Benefits Debate
by Frances Latchford

A Glimpse of Lesbian Life in Lima
by Kaushalya Bannerji

Pinking the Ivories: Academic Outings in Social Work
by Barbara M. Herringer and Barbara Isaac

Lesbians and the Vancouver Gay Games
by Judy Davidson

Queer Experts at the Little Sisters Trial: An Interview with Janine Fuller
by Heather E. Cameron

Living Proof
by Anne Castelino

Parcours médias: de l'importance du réseau de communication créé par les lesbiennes à Montréeal
par Dominique Bourque

Activism and Transformation
And Still I Fight

by Kathleen Rockhill

The Lesbian Avengers Fight Back
by Valerie Kameya

Lines on Lesbian Sex: The Politics of Representing Lesbian Sex in the Age of AIDS
by Gabriele Griffin

Thinking Straight About Public Policy in the '70s and '90s
by Jane Arscott

Queer Theory: Transgression and/or Regression
by Louise Turcotte