Remembering Mary O'Brien
Winter 1999
Volume 18, Number 4



by the Guest Editorial Board: Somer Brodribb and Angela Miles

Learning from Mary O'Brien: Feminist Philosopher and Activist

Cats Do Go To Heaven: Remembering Mary O'Brien
by Robbie Pfeufer Kahn

The Irreverent Mary: Philosopher, Colleague, Friend
by D.W. Livingstone

Mary O'Brien ... Certainly the Most Important Single Intellectual Influence ...
by Jeff Hearn

A Personal Appreciation of the Life and Works of Mary O'Brien
by Jalna Hanmer and Sheila Saunders

Learning to Win
by Mary O'Brien

Remembering Mary O'Brien: Nurses and the Struggle for a New Definition of Health
by Alice Baumgart

Periods: Birth and Culture in History
Through the Eyes of Mary: Maternity and Modernity in Italy

by Annette Burfoot

La reproduction: Un enjeu essentiel en sant au travail
par Maria De Koninck

by Mary O'Brien

Le cinquantenaire du Deuxieme Sexe de Simone de Beauvoir: Mary Where Were You?
par Maîr Verthuy

Retrieving the Baby: Feminist Theory and Organic Bodies
by Bev Thiele

State Power: Materialism and Politics
Mary O'Brien's Contributions to Contemporary Feminist Theory
by Nancy Hartsock

Technological Time and Infertility
by Heather Menzies

New Ethnic States and Population Policy
by Maria Mies

State Power and Reproductive Freedom
by Mary O'Brien

Collective Pilgrimage: Remembrances of Mary
Collective Pilgrimage: The Political Personal
by Mary O'Brien

The Saga of Mary
by Cath McNaughton

At School on the Street
by Mary O'Brien

Mary O'Brien: Feminist Activist, Teacher, and Scholar
by Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

Why Feminism, Why Women, Why Now: The Feminist Party of Canada
by Mary O'Brien

Pourquoi le féminisme? Pourquoi les femmes? Pourquoi maintenant? Le Parti féministe du Canada
par Mary O'Brien

An Erudite and Original Challenge: Publishing The Politics of Reproduction
by Philippa Brewster

The Odd Couple
by Jack Layton

A Graduate Student pas commes les autres
by David V.J. Bell

Whatever Happened to Sex?
by Jill Vickers

Remembering Mary O'Brien
by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff

A Song of Mary O'Brien
by Madeleine Grumet