For over 27 years, Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme has made current research and writing on a wide variety of feminist topics accessible to the largest possible community of women.

Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme:

• keeps you in touch with recent Canadian scholarship on women.
• keeps you current on the latest information and research on a wide range of feminist topics.
• provides a forum for debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas, across all disciplines.
• makes the connection between academic research and the experience of activists.
• profiles the lives and work of individual Canadian women.
• serves as an indispensable research tool for activists, students and teachers.

Analysis, theory and concrete experience come together to provide a dynamic viewpoint. CWS/cf is the place to create and debate new ideas ­ and challenge old assumptions. It reflects the triumphs ­ and trials facing women and feminism. Since the struggle for understanding, equality, and justice is a personal one, we also publish a mix of nonfiction, fiction and poetry. CWS/cf brings you the individual stories that make the women's movement.

Each issue of CWS/cf covers a single topic, giving our readers the most comprehensive coverage of feminism in the country ­ from activism at the grassroots to the most current academic research. That¹s why CWS/cf has become an indispensable resource. The information, ideas and analysis in CWS/cf are not available anywhere else.

See "Engaged Readers" for more on how vital CWS/cf is to our audience. You will agree that our audience is one you need to reach. These are the women who are creating the women's movement and teaching its lessons to others. Our readers are educators, decision makers and activists, highly educated, with disposable incomes to build personal libraries and make donations to spur and create change.

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