Female Spirituality
Winter 1997
Volume 17, Number 1




Priestesses and "Sacred Prostitutes" in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
by Johanna H. Stuckey

The One Who Is Many, The Many Who Are One: Power and Potentiality in the Sacred Females of Pre-Christian Ireland
by Sherry Rowley

From Pre-Christian Goddesses of Light to Saints of Light
by Monique Nicholson

"She Swims and Floats in Joy": Marguerite Porete, an "Heretical" Mystic of the Later Middle Ages
by Kathleen Garay

The Writings of Julian of Norwich as Accomodation and Subversion
by Cherie Bova

"I Love to Tell the Story": Women in Outport Newfoundland Methodism
by Sandra Beardsall


"This Spot of Ground": Migration, Community, and Identity Among Spiritual Baptists in Toronto
by Carol B. Duncan

Images of the Goddess: Spiritual Aspects of the Women's Life Cycle
by E. L. (Betty) Donaldson

Female Empowerment in Goddess Worship, or, Goddess Worship in Toronto
by Saroj Chawla

The Rebirth of Midwifery: A Political Spirituality
by Louise Mangan Harding

Resurrecting the She-Bear: Circumpolar Mother of Spiritual Feminism
by Kaarina Kailo

Spiritual Empowerment Through Spiritual Submission: Sufi Women and Their Quest for God
by Amila Buturovic

Translating Spiritual Commitment into Service: The Response of Evangelical Women to Wife Abuse
by Lori Beaman-Hall and Nancy Nason-Clark

Rosh Chodesh: Intersecting Feminism and Judaism
by Susan Berrin


Madness and Power in India
by Kishwar Ahmed Shirali

The Church of the Risen Elvis: Female Initiation Through Sacred Souvenirs
by Anne Mandlsohn

Experiencing Mother Meera
by Christopher Ross

The Phoenix of Faith
by Sharon Singer

Living on the Edges
by Charlotte Caron and Gail Christy

Letter to Uncle Jay
by Sherree Clark

The Smell of Roses
by Candis Graham

From Judaism to Buddhism: A Jewish Woman's Search for Identity
by Deborah Brodey


Female Rituals and Female Priestly Roles in Traditional Chinese Religion
by Jordan Paper

Mother and Goddess: The Ideological Force of Symbols
by Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne

The Role of Female Spiritualists in Africa: Persistance with Change
by Charles A. Anyinam

The Creation of Liturgy for Jewish Women
by Paulana Layman

The Social Life of Silence
by Sharon Hepburn

Losers, Weepers, Finders, Keepers
by Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne

New Dawn New Creation
by Philippa Schmiegelow

The Presence of Mother Earth in Women's Ceremonies: Observations of an Ojibway Medicine Woman/Wiccan Practitioner
by Marilyn Johnson