Migration, Labour and Exploitation: Trafficking in Women & Girls
Volume 22, Nos. 3 ,4
Spring/Summer 2003


by Patience Elabor-Idemudia, Andrea Medovarski, Angela Miles, and Luciana Ricciutelli 3,5

Framing the Issues

The “Other” Side of Globalization: The Legal Regulation of Cross-Border Movements
by Ratna Kapur 6

Threat or Opportunity? Sexuality, Gender and the Ebb and Flow of Trafficking as Discourse
by Penelope Saunders and Gretchen Soderlund 16

Prostitution, Trafficking and the Global Sex Industry: A Conversation with Janice Raymond interview
by Angela Miles 26

Globalization and the Sex Trade: Trafficking and the Commodification of Women and Children
by Richard Poulin 38

Trafficking in Women for Purposes of Sexual Exploitation: A Matter of Consent?
by MoniqueTrepanier 48

Trafficking in Women: Human Rights of Human Risks?
by Claudia Aradau 55

The Causes and Characteristics of “Contemporary Slavery”: Impacts on Women and Girls
by C. Nana Derby 60

Visibilité et droit de parole des travailleuses du sexe: Abolition ou traffic d’un espace citoyen?
par Maria Nengeh Mensah 66

Policy Challenges

Canada Take Note: A Comparative Perspective on Trafficking
by Nadra Qadeer 72

The Neoliberal State and the Domestic Workers Movement in New York City
by Monisha Das Gupta 78

Travailler a l’élimination du trafic sexuel des femmes
par Lyne Kurtzmanet Diane Matte 86

Mail-Order Brides and Canadian Immigration Policy
by Marie-Claire Belleau 94

Sending Love in a Barrel: The Making of Transnational Carribbean Families in Canada
by Charmaine Crawford 104

Delinking Prostitution from Trafficking: A Look at India’s Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1956
by Rajalakshmi 110

On the Ground

Race and Gender Analyses of Trafficking: A Case Study of Nigeria
by Patience Elabor-Idemudia 116

Globalization and its Links to Migration and Trafficking: The Crisis in India, Nepal and Bangladesh
by Upala Devi Bannerjee 124

Kinship and Trafficking: The Case of the Bedia Community
by Anuja Agrawal 131

Trafficking in Women and Children for the Sex Trade: Reflections from a Latin American Human Rights Feminist
by Alda Facio 136

Globalizing Sex Workers’ Rights
by Kamala Kempadoo 143

Victims of Trafficking or Entrepreneurial Women? Narratives of Post-Soviet Entertainers in Turkey
by Alexia Bloch 152

Individual Agency, the Traffic in Women and Layered Hegemonies in Ukraine
by Marta A. Rohatynskyj 160

The Marriage Deal Between a Young Finnish-Saame Man and a Former Russian Prostitute in Northern Finland by Elina Penttinen 166

e-brides: The Mail-Order Bride Industry
by Julie Pehar 171

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Access to Trafficked Women: Kvinnoforum’s Work in the Baltic Sea Region
by Carolina J. Wennerholm 176

Les employées de maison migrantes in Italie: Ethnicisation et contrôle dans le circuit catholique à Gênes
par Francesca Scrinzi 182

Activist Responses

SWEAT: Engaging with Trafficking in Women in South Africa–An NGO Perspective
by Jayne Arnott 188

“Sex, Slavery and Politics”: Representations of Trafficked Women in the Serbian Media
by Slobodanka Dekic 192

Iroko Onlus: Working to Combat the Trafficking of Nigerian Women and Girls
Into Italy by Esohe Aghatise 197

Globalization and Migration: Activist Responses in the Philippines
by Anny Misa Hefti 200

Le féminisme radical connaît une novelle “secousse”
par Louise Toupin 203


Chair, chère par Micheline Mercier 24
Response to the Critical Theory Professor …
by Cindy Childress 25
by Clare Braux 37
What remains for Suzie
by Cindy Childress 54
by Patience Wheatley 65
by Karen Dell Kinnison 65
The Visitation
by Alexis Easley 71
by Andree Lachapelle 77
Mother surmises on Dad’s demise
by Dona Sturmanis 77
Aging Parent Poem II
by Dona Sturmanis 85
For my mother
by Dona Sturmanis 85
Overcoats: hers and hers
by Susan Lucinda Helwig 92
La nuit, quand tout dort; Qui suis-je?; Marécage; “Plaise à Dieu”
par Marie Janick Belleau 114
Not my child
Carla Mobley 114
North Lake Merritt Bench Crone
by Lenore Weiss 150
Wife Hunting?
by Mary Passarelli 170
par Marie Janick Belleau 175
Waiting for a Biopsy Report
by Elisavietta Ritchie 181
This Old House
by Holly Day 181
Introductory Remarks
by Kendra Kopelke 187
I remember when everyone was heterosexual
by A. Mary Murphy 196
Argentia, Terre-Neuve
par Marie Janick Belleau 196
Hommage à Hale-Bopp
par Marie Janick Belleau 199
sans titre
par Marie Janick Belleau 207
Washerwoman, Blessings
by Deirdre Maultsaid 208

Book Reviews

Comfort Women Speak: Testimony by Sex Slaves of the Japanese Military
reviewed by Bruce Watson 211

Embodying Equity: Body Image as an Equity Issue–A Manual for Educators and Service Providers
reviewed by Margaret Wells 212

Remnants of a Nation: Poverty Narratives by Women
reviewed by Michelle Lowry 213

Global Uprising: On Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century, Stories From a New Generation of Activists
reviewed by Leigh S. Brownhill 214

La prostitution, un métier comme un autre?
par Jeanne Maranda 214

Passion Lost: Public Sex, Private Desire in the Twentieth Century
reviewed by Stephanie Hart 216

Femmes et medias: À travers le monde pour un changement social
par Jeanne Maranda 217

A Song of Lilith
reviewed by Shelagh Wilkinson 218

George Elliot and the British Empire
reviewed by Deborah Heller 218

The History of Emily Montague
reviewed by Clara Thomas 219

Black Tights: Women, Sport and Sexuality
reviewed by Diane Naugler 220

Daughters of Abraham: Feminist Thought in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
reviewed by Johanna H. Stuckey 221

Double Jeopardy: Motherwork and the Law
reviewed by Dorinda Stahl 221

Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing
reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 222

Front Cover
Rochelle Rubinstein, “Crawl With Me,” hand-dyed linocut print, 24" x 24",1990.

Back Cover
Rochelle Rubinstein, “Shelter #19,” printed and painted flannel, 56" x 36".

Rochelle Rubinstein is a Toronto print-maker, painter, fabric and book artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, among others.