Women and Sport
Winter/Spring 2002
Volume 21.3


by Brenda Cranney, Cyndie Flett, Sue Hylland, Andrea Medovarski, Susan Scherer, Penny Werthner 3

Rethinking Spaces Gender, Sport and Sexuality
by Kyla Bremner 6

Bent on Changing? Well Leave Your Shorts Behind! Imagining Postmodern Possibilities for Locker Rooms
by Caroline Fusco 12

The Sacred Space of the Dojo 
photoessay by Kathleen A. West 20

Les 100 ans du Centre de santé du Y des femmes de Montréal
par Genevieve Desservettaz, Debbie Loiseau, et Lisa Massé 23

Gay Games of Gay Olympics? Implications for Lesbian Inclusion
by Helen Jefferson Lenskyj 24

Cycloféminisme & La pédale douce
par Claire Morissette 29

A Pervasive Silence: Lesbophobia and Team Cohesion in Sport
by Susan L. Forbes, Diane E. Stevens and Anna H. Lathrop 32

Athletes  Bodies: Fluid Corporealities, New Realities Talking About Sex: Biology and the Social Interpretations of Sex in Sport
by Sandra Kirby and Judith Huebner 36

Muscular, Bruised and Sweaty Bodies & This is Not Barbie Territory
by Nicole Neverson and Philip White 44

Living Life to the Limits: Dragon Boaters and Breast Cancer
by Terry Mitchell and Eleanor Nielsen 50

Sporting Women in the Public Gaze: Shattering the Master Narrative of Aging Female Bodies
by Patricia Vertinsky 58

Woman/Athlete? Can You Tell One When You See One?
by Danya B. Daniels 64

The Aesthetics and Erotics of Hockey
by Alison Pryer 73

Women and Sport: An Examination of Advertisements Between 1950 and 2002
by Jennifer Ellison 77

The Gendered, Sexualized, and Racialized Portrayal of Catriona Lemay Doan's Post-Olympic Gold Medal Win
by Nikki Kumar 83

Facing Systemic Obstacles Confronting Two-Tiered Community Recreation and Poor Women's Exclusion: Promoting Inclusion, Health and Social Justice
by Colleen Reid, Wendy Frisby and Pamela Ponic 88

Sport Nunavut's Gender Equity Policy: Relevance, Rhetoric and Reality
by Audrey R. Giles 95

The Role of Male Physical Educators and Administrators in the Advancement of Female Students Physical Educational Experiences
by Tomislava Cavar 100

Kathy Shields: A Profile
by Sheila Robertson 108

L 'Olympisme et les femmes &
par Marie-José Turcotte 113

Women and Coaching: Changing the Androcentric World of Sport
by Rose Mercier and Penny Werthner 115

Cycling in the 1890s: An Orgasmic Experience?
by Katherine Murtha 119

Thinness to Success: Eating Disorders in Elite Female Gymnasts
by Sabrina Millar 122

Are Sisters Doing It For Themselves? An Analysis of Gender and the Sport Initiation Ceremony
by jay Johnson 125

Women Under the Dome of Silence: Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Female Athletes
by Sandra L. Kirby, Lorraine Greaves and O. Hankivsky 132

Sporting Narratives/S(up)porting Voices Talkin Up Sport and Gender: Three Australian Aboriginal Women Speak
by Brownwyn Fredericks, Pamela Croft and Natasha Lamb 140

Guérir en guerrière
par Michèle Chappaz 143

Anatomy of a Course: Ten Years Teaching Women and Sport in the Twentieth Century 
by Greg Malszecki 144

Bateau de sauvetage
par Denise Langlois 150

Eastern Sun Western Moon
by Valerie Lee 153

Not Just Little Ladies  in Hockey Gear: Hockey Experiences in a Small Town
by Bonnie Slade 155

A Passion for Motorcycling
by Betty Anne Clark 157

Femme d'escrime
par Claire Verreault 161

Check Your Fly: Tales of a Woman Fly Fisher
by Rachael Crowder 162


Third Liner by Marlene Kadar 19
The Lover by Patience Wheatley 22
Breaking the rules by Cornelia C. Hornosty 22
Walking by Lolette Kuby 31
Road Killings by Janine Peltier 43
Kissing Under a Winter Sky by Patience Wheatley 57
Prosopopoeia by Desi Di Nardo 76
So Long by Shoshauna Shy 87
The Pediatrician by Latorial Faison 106
Blue Notes by Mary Aitken 107
For the Second Time by Kathy Ashby 107
stepping down her porch stairs by Shauna Paull 131
Sprinting Clean by Desi Di Nardo 139
Your Voice by Kristy McKay 139
Ashes to the Wind  by A. Mary Murphy 139
This is Not Housework by Rebecca Luce-Kapler 149
Curly Headed Lamb by Debra Shepherd 156
Newborn  by Kelly Ann Malone 160
on heterosexuality by Carole E. Trainor 166
Twinkies by Cornelia C. Hornosty 166
Family by Amanda Nassif 173


The Public at Play: Gender and the Politics of Recreation in Post-War Ontario
reviewed by Abby Bushby 167

Women, Sport and Physical Activity: Sharing Good Practice
reveiwed by Jeanne Maranda 168

Blood Relations: Animals Humans, and Politics
reveiwed by Stacey C. Mortimer 168

A Woman s Education: The Road from Coorain Leads to Smith College and Overnight Float
reveiwed by Clara Thomas 169

reveiwed by Nanci White 170

Cover Me
reveiwed by Stephanie Dickison 171

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? Women's Experience of Power in Hollywood
reveiwed by Sharon Ferguson-Hood and Marie Tovell Walker 172

Photo: Marlene Hielema

Photos: Marlene Hielema

Marlene Hielema is a professional photographer who specializes in women's sport and fitness. For over ten years she has been shooting large scale sporting events, athletic portraits, and stock photography. Marlene's photos have been published numerous times in Canadian and U.S. magazines, used in advertising, and appeared on many athletes resumes. She has also provided photographic services for various non-profit organizations including the CNIB, YWCA, and CAAWS. Marlene works at the Alberta College of Art and Design as a digital media technician during the college term, and as a continuing education instructor during the summer months. She is currently working on her Master's degree in Communication Studies. You can see other samples of her work on her website at www.imagemaven.com.