Women 2000: Eradicating Poverty and Violence in the 21st Century
Fall 2000 
Volume 20, Number 3


By the Guest Editorial Board: Suki Beavers, Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Andréee Côté, Brenda Crannney, Margaret Denike, Lee Lakeman, Kathy Marshall, Tracy O'Hearn, Kim Pate, Ghislane Sirois, and Lucia Spencer


Local Activisms, Global Feminisms, and the Struggle Against Globalization
by Angela Miles

The Indivisibility of Human Rights
by Shelagh Day

Le marche ininterrompus des femmes . . .Pour une "autre" developpement
par Lorraine Guay

It's Time for Change! The World March of Women 2000
by Canadian Women's March Committee

Why Law and Order Cannot end Violence and Why the Development of Women's (Social, Economic, Political, and Civil) Rights Might
by Lee Lakeman

The 1999 General Social Survey on Spousal Violence: An Analysis
by Yasmin Jiwani

Feminism in the Transition House
by Pauline Funston

50 Years of Canada's International Commitment to Human Rights: Millstones in Correcting Corrections for Federally Sentenced Women
by Kim Pate

Qui sont ses femmes en prison
par Marianne Matte

Poverty and Visible Minority Women in Canada
by Jeea Saraswati

The Face of Globalization: Women Working Poor in Canada
by Alice de Wolff

The Reality of the Past, Present, and Future of Human Rights and Poverty in Canada
by Bonnie Morton

A Brief Guide to International Human Rights Law for Canadian Advocates
by Susan Bazilli

Rise Up/ Fortes

Tracking and Resisting Backlash Against Equality Gains in Sexual Offence Law
by Sheila McIntyre with contributions from Christine Boyle, Lee Lakeman, and Elizabeth Sheehy

Case Comment: R. v. Gladue
by Jean Lash

Rohypnol -- How the Hype Tricks Women: A Rape Crisis Centre's View
by Tamara Gorin

From Women's Duty to Resist to Men's Duty to Ask: How Far Have We Come?
by Elizabeth Sheeh

Working With Refugee Women
by Alice Lee

Des Nyamhinga en colère: une ressource inestimée pour la construction de la paix et le développement durable
par Edith Mukakayumba et Donald M. Taylor

Countless Abused Women: Homeless and Inadequately Housed
by Karen-Lee Miller and Janice Du Mont

From Women's Duty to Resist to Men's Duty to Ask: How Far Have We Come?
by Elizabeth Sheehy

Des femme d'Ottowa-Carleton's s'exprimentet se mobilisent
par Nathalie Plante

Survive or Thrive: Nova Scotia's Valley Women Choose Change
by Anna Roch

Women, Poverty, and HIV Infection
by June Larkin

Act Up/Actives

Negotiating Racism UN-Style: Women's Internation Rights at Beijing+5
by Elizabeth Philipose

La marche mondiale des femme: Toutes solidaires!
par Françoise David

Sexual Violence and "Fundamental Justice": On the Failure of Equity Reforms to Criminal Proceedings
by Margaret Denike

British Columbia Anti-Violence Workers Recommendations for Change
by Suzanne Jay

The Jettisoning of Juvenile Justice? The Story of K
by Kim Pate

Challenges to the Application of International Women's Human Rights
by Anita M. Heymann Ababio

Guatemalan Mayan Women: Threatened Peace and Citizenship from Below
by elga J. Martinez-Salazar

Upstream in the Mainstream: Strategies for Women's Organizing
by Meredith Ralston

Violence and Poverty on the "Rock": Can Feminism Make a Difference?
by Glynis George

Direct Action against Poverty: Feminist Reflections on the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Demonstration, June 2000
by caitlin hewitt-white

Letter to the Premier of the Government of Nunavut
Pauktuutit Inuit Women's Association


Bread Into Stone by Bernadette Raffoul
Untitled by Ruth Latta
Life Left Behind by Bernadette Raffoul
Untitled by Lélia Young
Flowers by Nancy C. Farquharson
Woodsong by Robert Nazarene
Black Beauty by M. C. Lois Provost Turchetti
Emily by Carol J. Jennings
Love Shadow by Patience Wheatley
You Glide In by Bernadette Raffoul
Harvest by Patience Wheatley
ophelia in rotem kleid by Lyn Lifshin
breakfast musings by Anne Blonstein
The Daughter I Don't Have by Lyn Lifshin
Untitled by Lélia Young
Once by Kathryn B. Hoyme
God's Gift of an Answered Prayer by Donna J. Dennison
In the Shelter Where Battered Women Come by C. J. Sage
Connections by C. J. Sage

Book Reviews

Open Boundaries: A Canadian Women Studies Reader
by Gerry Coulter

Radical Feminism: A Documentary Reader
by Angela Miles

Reclaiming the Future: Women's Strategies for the 21st Century
by Beth Percival

Our Grandmothers, Ourselves: Reflections of Canadian Women
by Dorette Huggins

Geographies of Home
by Christine Singh

Muslim Women: Crafting a North American Identity
by Okori Uneke

Women and Environments International
by Sherilyn MacGregor

Body Image
by Cheryl can Daalen-Smith with Stacey Mortimer

Mary Wollstoencraft: A Revolutionary Life andEmpowering the Feminine: The Narratives of Mary Robinson, Jane West, and Amelia Opie, 1796 to 1812
by Lisa Wood