Women and Work
Spring 1998
Volume 18, Number 1



Contemporary Realities

The Global Capitalist Economic Agenda: Impact on Women's Human Rights
by Joan Grant-Cummings

Human Rights for Daily Use: Making the Legal Case for Women's Unpaid Work
by Marilyn Waring

Work Restructuring and Recolonizing Third World Women: An Example from the Garment Industry in Toronto
by Roxana Ng

Situating South Asian Women in the Canadian/Global Economy
by Amina Jamal

Gendering Union Democracy
by Linda Briskin

Globalization and Its Twin Sisters Hit Canada Post
by Marion Pollack

L'interaction entre trajectoire professionnelle et trajectoire familiale: le case d'employées de bureau à Montréal
par Marianne Kempeneers et Marie Hélène Saint-Pierre

Pay Equity and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Pay Equity Negotiations in Ontario Supermarkets
by Jan Kainer

Reframing a Story of Job Displacement: One Nurse's Responses to Hospital Downsizing
by Diana Gustafson

Proletarianization, Professionalization, and Caribbean Immigrant Nurses
by Karen Flynn

South Asian Women Physicians' Working Experiences in Canada
by Milima Mandal Giri

The Heterosexualization of the Ontario Woman Teacher in the Postwar Period
by Sheila L. Cavanagh

Continuing Challenges

Sole Support Mothers on Social Assistance in Ontario: Barriers to Employment and Suggested Solutions
by Marion Lynn and Milana Todoroff

Les dilemmes de l'équité salariale: la récente loi proactive du Québec
par Marie-Therèse Chicha

"The More Lady You Are, the More They Treat You Like a Lady": Sexual Harassment and Health Risk for Young Women in a Male-Dominated Work Setting
by Jocalyn Clark

Sexual Harassment in the Service Economy: Exploring Women's Retail Work in Canada
by Vela Tadic and Karen Hughes

Bumps Along the Road: Survivors of Domestic Violence Share their Workplace Experiences
by E. Joy Mighty and Lori E. Leach

Solidarity and Pride
by Sue Genge

Women with Disabilities: Alone on the Playground
by Mary Runté

Clerical Training: Responding to a Workplace Revolution
by Alice de Wolff

Blanching Over Corporate Margins: The Experiences of a Brown Women in a Navy Blue World
by Rekha K. Lakra

Resistance Strategies

Fighting for Dignity on the Plant Floor: An Interview with Helen Aitcheson
by Jonathan Eaton

Women of Steel: A Case of Feminist Organizing in the United Steelworkers of America
by Mary Margaret Fonow

Dreams of Untenured Female Faculty: Exploring the Deep Structure of Power
by Pat Bradshaw

A Homemaker's Resume
by Sandra Tam

by Elizabeth Templeman

"Women Helping Women": The Unpaid Work of Women Board Members
by Jane Gordon and Rusty Neal

Training Programs Caught in Negotiations: A Study of Women in an HRDC Program
by Ellen Case

Women's Resistance and Activism
by Marcia Wharton-Zaretsky


Against the Current: Canadian Women Talk About Fifty Years of Life on the Job
by Jennifer LoveGrove

In Subordination: Professional Women, 1870-1970
by Veronica Abbass

Seeds 2
by Pamela McDermid

Speaking Truth to Power
by Rebecca Murdock

Self Beyond Self
by Shelagh Wilkinson

Colette, m'entends-tu?

ALSO, POETRY BY: Joan Bond, Cherry Clayton, Rishma Dunlop, Lyn Lifshin, Lea Littlewolfe, Renee Norman, Elisavietta Ritche, Valerie Senyk, Pheryne Williams Thatcher, Patience Wheatley, and Chris Wind.