Women Writing2: Ver/Visions
Volume 20, No. 1
Spring 2000


by Frances Beer and Luciana Ricciutelli 3


Margaret, Ken, Rosemary and Me
by Candis Graham 6

Today I Had a Sapphic Moment
by Susan Swan 9

Cinco de Mayo
par Marianne Matte 9

Bad Date: A Jane Yeats Mystery
by Liz Brady 10

Goddess Oil
by Susan Swan 13

On the Road
by Frances Reed 14

sun, pines and prophecy
by Monika Lee 17

The Teresa Poems
by Susan McCaslin 18

Dinah's Walk
by Diane Flacks 19

Lot's Wife
by Diane Flacks 21

Magdalena's Journal
by Elisavietta Ritchie 22

Family Reunion
by Rosita Georgieva 24

La marionnette
par L?lia Young 25

my history whispers
by A. Mary Murphy 26

When You are Ready, You Can See It: The Art and Life Passages of Diana Dean
by F. Anne Redpath 28


Sex Stuff
by Judy Hughes 37

We Could on a Park Bench Sit
by Eleanor Koldofsky 39

Transitional Objects
by Patricia Watson 40

french onion soup
by Emily Hunter

I'm Awash because Nothing Ever Changes
by Heather MacLeod 46

No Plumed Serpent Here
by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff 47

by Joan Bond 52

by Deborah Sommerer 53

In the house la fille ne dort pas
by nathalie stephens 55

by Susan Gillies 56

Eternelle tour
par Marianne Matte 56

by Susan Gillies 56

In the Skin of the Other:Writing The Lizard Cage
by Karen Connelly 57

by Joan Bond 60


by Bruna Di Giuseppe Bertoni 61

. . . Perchance to Dream . . .
by Ronnie R. Brown 63

The Curse
by Luciana Costa 64

Dancing to New Rythms, Lost Girls Find Their Woman Souls Young Again
by Eileen Curteis 71

by Cathy Stonehouse 73

Death Culture
by Kim Anderson 77

by Lorraine Thomas 80

par Diana Peacock 80

Bubbi's Limoge
by Malca Litovitz 80

At Point Pelee
by Rosita Georgieva 81


The Book of Findings
by Jane Tasker 82

On Mother's Day
by Rosita Georgieva 84

In this Moment
by Montana Jones 85

The Blue One, My mother
by Deborah Sommerer 88

by Lisa M. Phipps 89

In the Summer of Flooding
by Heather MacLeod 92

Way to Go
by Julie van Gorder 92

The Seaside
by Jenny Barry 93

Going for Treatment: Chiropracty's Second Chance
by Shelagh Gutsche 94

Hookers and Hot Dogs
by Valerie Thomas 96

Island Magic
by Valerie Thomas 96

The Fish Gill: Vignette of a Girlhood in Vietnam
by Anh Hua 97

The Formal
by Christine Singh 101

by Bronwyn Gillies 103

Writing a Memoir: The Perfection of Morning
by Sharon Butala 104

by Julie van Gorder 108

Book Reviews

New Power
reviewed by Shelagh Wilkinson 109

Windward Heights
reviewed by Christine Singh 110

The Rules of Engagement
reviewed by Leslie Ambedian 111

The Lady's Man and Other Stories
reviewed by Maureen Lennon 111

Queen Rat: New and Selected Poems
reviewed by Beryl Baigent 112

Women's Reading in Britain 1750-1835: A Dangerous Recreation
reviewed by Veronica Abbass 114

reviewed by Ellen Miller 114

Sacrificed Lives: Kristeva on Women and Violence
reviewed by Aidan Baker 115

Ecofeminism: Women, Culture, Nature
reviewed by Nadia Stuewer 116

Women in the Holocaust
reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 117

Marker of Change: The Story of the WomenÕs Monument
reviewed by Josephine Mills 118

The Mountain is Moving
reviewed by Clara Thomas 119