Women Writing3: Journeys
Winter/Spring 2007
Volume 26, Number 1

Frances Beer, Brenda Cranney, Andrea Medovarski and Luciana Ricciutelli 3

Journeys of Loss

The Peculiar Necessity of Imagining by Sonja Greckol 6
Life Force by Patricia Watson 9
Morning After by Linda Frank 9
Tears from the Sea by Crystal Fletcher 10
Love Notes (A prose poem) by Jane Tasker 13
Is by Mary Lou Dickinson 14
Passing the Secret by Allison Howard 19
Memory Lane by Debbie Rolfe 22
From A to C by Rita Craig 5
Greek island legacy by Adele Graf 25
A Fine Looking Man by Patricia Watson 26
Heads or Tails by Bianca Lakoseljac 31
Le réel ne suffit plus par Claudine Bertrand 34
Broken Dishes by Elizabeth Greene 34
Un goût de terre par Estelle Côté 35
Swish by Thea Lim 37
This Is NotMy Life by Jody Salerno 41
Miscarriage by Linda Frank 42
The Blind Mirror by Jane Tasker 42

Journeys of Healing

(un)suicide note by Shaunga Tagore 44
Untitled par Claire Dufresne 45
Getting There by Greta Hofmann Nemiroff 46
The Becoming by Joanna M. Weston 50
Spiritual Connections: A Summer’s Journey by Brenda L. Blondeau 51
On Death and Friendship by Marsha Lederman 55
Cookie Crumbs by Nancy Gobatto 57
Angel of God by Rosanna Battigelli 60
Psalm 69 for the Goddess by April Bulmer 62
And Then There Were Two by Leslie Noble 63
Et au diable les frontiers… par Micheline Mercier 65
Desiderata par Janick Belleau 66
Clotheslines by Gale Tyler 67
What I Knew of Pigeons by Jeanette Lynes 68

Journeys of Exploration

White Towels and Socks by Teresa C. Luciani 70
The Open Field by Kay R. Eginton 73
On Becoming a Nurse by Amber Fales 73
To Trizavó (My Nameless Relation) by Carla Coimbra 74
Rubbing Shoulders by Anne Toner Fung 75
Limes by Francesca Calabrese 76
Aunt Dot Said Aunt Flow’s in Town/Aunt Rose is Visiting Aunt Ruby by Carla Coimbra 76
Mother Tongue by Tina Tin-Yee Cheng 77
You Are Still Talking by Sophie Tamas 78
The Poet Is Not Here by Lisa Shatzky 79
A Mennonite “Grecian” Vase by Lynette Sarah Plett 80
On Clover Hill by Joanna M. Weston 82
Jane Fairfax by Frances Beer 83
Casa di Giulietta: Fragments by Maria Francesca LoDico 87
The Diamond Ring by Desi Di Nardo 91
Theft and Retribution by Beverly Watson 92
Traversing Sonic and Cyber Scapes: On Becoming a Tech Geek Girl by Rebekah Farrugia 93
Lionnes Lucides by France Boucher 96
Knowing Virginia by Renee Norman 97

Book Reviews

The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor: The First Woman Settler of the Miramichi by Sally Armstrong reviewed by Shelagh Wilkinson 98
True Confessions by Renee Norman reviewed by Wanda Hurren 100
Arguing With the Storm: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers edited by Rhea Tregebov reviewed by Sharon Power 101
My Wedding Dress: True-Life Tales of Lace, Laughter, Tears and Tulle edited by Susan Whelehan
and Anne Laurel Carter reviewed by Clara Thomas 102
One Day It Happens by Mary Lou Dickinson reviewed by Lee Gold 103
Laike and Nahum: A Poem in Two Voices by Ruth Panofsky reviewed by Carol Lipszyc 104
Nobody’s Mother: Life Without Kids edited by Lynne Van Luven reviewed by Beth Pentney 105
Women and the Gift Economy edited by Genevieve Vaughan reviewed by Joanna Swanger 106
Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work and Human Rights edited by KamalaKempadoo with Jyoti Sanghera and Bandana Pattanaik reviewed by Leeann Townsend 108
Madeleine Parent: Activist edited by Andree Lévesque reviewed by Sherrill Cheda 109
Incorrigible by Velma Demerson reviewed by Clara Thomas 110
Surviving in the Hour of Darkness: The Health and Wellness of Women of Colour and Indigenous Women edited by G. Sophie Harding reviewed by Cheryl Van Daalen-Smith 111
If I Had a Hammer: Retraining that Really Works by Margaret Hillyard Little reviewed by Jan Kainer 112
Transformations: The Life of Margaret Fulton by James Doyle reviewed by Clara Thomas 113
Recollections of Waterloo Lutheran University 1960-1973 by Flora Roy reviewed by Clara Thomas 114

Front Cover
Fran Forman, “The Trunk,” photo collage, 12.5'' x 10'', 2005.

Back Cover
Fran Forman, “Two Sisters,” photo collage, 20'' x 20'', 2007.

Fran Forman studied art and sociology as an undergraduate at Brandeis University and then received a Master of Social Work, working for several years with heroin addicts. Discovering that she could indeed earn a living in the arts, she entered Boston University’s School of Fine Arts where, specializing in photography and graphic design, she received her Master of Fine Arts. She has held a succession of positions in the field of illustration and design: branding, print, and signage for corporate, arts, and retail establishments; cd-roms for books and museum installations; book cover illustrations; animations, multimedia, and web designs. Fran’s collaged images often begin with humble tintype portraits of anonymous mid-nineteenth Americans. In isolating the figures from their studio backdrops, she dissolves the traditional boundaries of time and place. Her images emphasize connections: of humble portraiture to contemporary technology, children to the cosmos, humanity to the natural world, and the spiritual to the physical. Between professional life and raising two daughters, Fran continued to create her personal art, combining her illustrative and photographic skills with a passion for surrealism, paradox, illusion, assemblage, the non-human world, and the dislocations of time and place. Fran is a Visiting Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. She teaches workshops in digital montage, and her work has been exhibited widely. Most recently, she was a winner in px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris and Adobe/Photoworkshop.com. Visit her website for contact information: www.franforman.com